Don't put all your eggs in one basket

I am Odelia, from Malaysia. I am a Chartered Accountant. Currently, I am working in an accounting firm with more than ten years of work experience.

My scope of work is auditing the company’s accounts and financial records, handling tax compliance works and playing a leader role in managing clients and teammates.

People who know me say I’m a workaholic and love to work! I am always the first person who arrives to the office and the last one who leaves from the office every day.

When everyone is having supper, it’s time for me to get off work. During weekend, I always work from home as usual due to heavy workload.

My dream is to own an accounting firm that belongs to me in one day. I have always treated my current company as my own, because to be an entrepreneur, you must demonstrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and very dedicated to the business.

However, the spreading of Covid-19 in the global has been made clearly to me that how seriously the virus killed people and affected the entire environment we survive.  Many companies were unexpected and caught off guard, and even century-old companies were vulnerable.

Certainly, our company has also been affected. The company’s revenue has been declining, and the cost has risen because the company has to bear additional costs such as disinfection, quarantine fee, mask and safety equipment, etc. The economic downturn has slowed down the cash flow of the entire market, and boss can’t foresee the development of the company but rather just manage for surviving during crisis. Whether I can well retain my job is a question mark to me during pandemic. It has become unrealistic to me talking about my dream at this juncture.

Therefore, facing of this sudden change, what come out from my mind is I have to have my own backup plan, and I need a plan B. Don’t think that professionals seem to be very “high classes” profession. A premium car will be have spare tires for emergency use, what about we as a human must have a set of survival rule. We need to plan ahead and be prepared for danger during crisis.

I am very lucky that I have already joined Elead Global and the iTeam family before the pandemic. The great thing is that iTeam didn’t need full time involvement. Business starting by having a mobile phone and learning how best to use the spare time, stay close with the iTeam leader and members and make good use of the iTeam platform and system (IBS). Through this way, I have earned some US dollars and able to enjoy free consumption of Elead’s product every month.

Elead Global’s business model is the pursuit of modern people, combining E-commerce business and wellness industry which is running in online and/or offline basis.

I didn’t expect my passive income would still grow during the Movements Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia in year 2021 even sitting at home.

Besides Malaysia market, I have also developed international markets via Elead Global platform, such as Singapore and China.

You have probably heard this statement: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The outbreak of pandemic teaches us to have a sense of crisis. Spreading risk at all times is a must whether or not crisis is coming!

After going around, I found out that my entrepreneurial dream can also be realized in Elead Global and iTeam, and I can also build my own team here. I believe the arrivals of e-commerce and the future of the wellness industry will become a good business trend and we are able to enjoy the benefits from booming the online business of Elead Global. Opportunities are always given to those who are prepared.

Yes I Can, Yes We Can!