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I’m pretty sure most of the fresh graduates like me out there are clueless about what job they should go for after graduating. It’s an important decision as the choice of our job can affect how we live for the rest of our life. Even though most of us wish to achieve financial independence early and retire at an early age, most of us would just opt to become a typical office worker, earn a stable income, and maybe work hard enough and wish for the best that we get promoted so we get a higher pay. Why? Because we often think that being an office worker is secure enough and we’ll be able to live a comfortable life in the future. But in fact, this might not always be the case. Take the pandemic for example. A lot of people had been laid off and lost their jobs, not to mention employees who worked at prestigious companies. So, are the jobs that we think are secure really secure?

As a first-class honours Psychology degree graduate from University of Nottingham Malaysia, I’ve always been asked this question, “Why would you go for a job that is completely unrelated to your degree? You can find a better job.” For me, I always think that mental health is closely related to physical health and they are equally as important. So, I joined eLEAD in hopes of merging my Psychology and Nutritional Immunology knowledge to help more people gain their health back. Besides that, my father has asked me many times if I wanted to continue pursuing my studies because once I enter the workforce, there’s no going back. I believe that if I’ve worked hard in eLEAD and become successful in the next 4 to 5 years, I can still further my studies if I want to because I will have time flexibility.

Why eLead?

To be honest, I was initially against doing jobs that are sales-related but my mother was the biggest reason that changed my mind. My mother is a housewife, and after joining eLEAD for 2 years, I could see her difference after joining eLEAD in not only her appearance, but personality-wise as well. She looks younger and she has become more cheerful and confident now. Plus, her income from eLEAD is already equivalent to a senior manager’s income by just working from home for a year. I then thought to myself, how many years of hard work do I need to go through if I want to earn this much from working at another job? 10 years? Perhaps 20? I might never even be able to achieve this if I’m just an office employee. Since then, I decided to join eLEAD and work side by side with my mother. Nothing beats being able to spend more time with our parents.

I’ve also been looking for a job that isn’t a 9-5 because I despise being stuck in the jam as I feel like it’s a waste of time and energy. Although I don’t know anything about e-commerce, eLEAD is a business platform that provides a complete training system and I was able to learn along the way and replicate the footsteps of successful people. I chose to join eLEAD as it is a business that combines the health industry & e-commerce, which are the megatrends now and will still continue to be in the future. I’m investing in my health and wealth at the same time, so I think it really is a win-win situation. After all, everything means nothing if you don’t have health. And most importantly, eLEAD is a crisis-proof business where I can also expand my market internationally, so I would never have to worry about losing my job even if my country goes into a lockdown if there is ever another pandemic again.

Life at eLead 

After joining eLEAD for around a year, I had a closer relationship with my mother and I fell in love with the organisation and work environment. My uplines and crosslines are super supportive and they would always be there whenever I needed help. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t find a work environment like this somewhere else. My younger sister is studying medicine now and she is passionate about Nutritional Immunology as well, so I’m hoping that she will join eLEAD in the future and turn it into a family business.

A common misconception young people tend to have is that they think that they still have time. But if you think you still have the time, you actually don’t. Would you rather work hard now and enjoy life later on, or suffer at the age when you’re supposed to enjoy life? I’m grateful to have come across eLEAD and this amazing job opportunity. I’m determined to spend the next few years working hard in eLEAD and making the most out of it. I strongly believe that for us to be successful, making the right choice is more important than working hard. I hope to have you on board this wonderful journey with me. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. If not now, when?

Shared by:Pricillia Yoong

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