Sky is not the limit, the one that is limiting us is our mindset

Good day everyone! My name is Darius. 

Since young, I always wanted to do something I am passionate about.

My first choice was wanting to become a Doctor.

But I have had a very severe blood-phobia.

At the end, I have chosen to become an Airline Pilot.

This is my 9th year being in Aviation Industry,

and I have achieved the highest rank,

an Airline Captain in year 2018. 

Looking for fast money, but it wasn’t a stable income

When MCO started, I spent most of my time in trading.
Other than sleeping and eating, the remaining of the time,

I went through massive amount of data.

This cycle had been ongoing for 3 months.

At the end of the day, I did not have time for family

and that lead to big dispute.

Even though it was MCO, people said it’s time for family bonding,

but I did not have time for them. Yet, I am still under  .


Next question hit my head.

What is the point of investing if I don’t have time for family?

I did not have stable active income to supplement it.

So, I shifted my focus on how to generate more active income

to supplement passive income in the future.

Heart opened, mind opened
New found land…ITEAM!

My wife, Jovinn, she started off this Business in the 3rd quarter of 2018 after she did her research from founder to product.

Which at the point of time, I was extremely skeptical about it because

I did not open up my heart to have a look and study what is this business all about.

Tell you what, looking at Jovinn’s exponential income’s growth,

I am impressed that her income is on par with my pre-Covid salary and 

it is still growing. The annual growth is just unbelievable! It has no limit.

Nay to hearsay info, DATA PROVEN!

Hence, I decided to look into this business. I have done research on everything.

I do not believe on any info people are feeding me,

especially info from the company that is selling the products.

I literally studied the ingredients in and out for most products available

in the market by referring to 3rd party authority sources 

like NIH, PMC, NCBI, Harvard and etc.

On top of that, I did a lab test for self-verification. 

I wanted to make sure that platform and product I am getting involved 

do benefit in term of long-term safety and health

Out of so many researches done on most companies in the market. 

For me, this business is the one worth spending time as a career and business. 

A place I could get a balance point in term of time, family, health and wealth.

“Guys, if you are as skeptical as I do, don’t worry, I’ve done it all before I decided to join.

You can stay relaxed”

“Guys, today, I am in one of the hardest hit industries, the aviation

How many of us would expect a virus can cause lockdown of a country, 

and it could hit most of the industries so bad, globally?

I’m glad that I have made a move much earlier to build my plan B. 

I couldn’t imagine after 9 years of hard efforts I’ve put in, 

and I got to leave what I’ve achieved out-of-sudden.

What if I don’t have a plan B and something bad happen

Wow, that is out of my imagination…

Long term solution that matters

By God’s grace, me & my wife are in this business,

my family still able to have lifestyle just like pre-covid.

This is the place, where I could gain massive amount of correct health knowledge,

a place where I could earn more than my pre-covid salary.

Sky is not the limit, the one that is limiting us is our mindset.

It’s important to choose a right partner, and in here, iTeam

we’ve got the right business partner, a great platform

an excellent team to work together to the road of success!

Be with the trend, be the pioneer.

Lastly, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“