Courage and wisdom are the keys to success

Hi, I am Dr. Janice Lim from Malaysia. 

I was a university lecturer in Statistics, I lived a life that most people would envy – working in a reputable university in Malaysia, enjoying a respectable status and drawing a comfortable income.

However, the reality was not as perfect as how people observed, people envy me for having low lecturing hours, but the truth was that I had long working hours.

Juggling between lecturing and research was never easy especially after having my second child.  I could feel that my stress was piling up when days went by, until one day, I noticed that my students were avoiding me as I looked so stern and the worst part was that I started to throw my negative emotions to my family members.

I lost my passion in life and my health went deteriorating. Due to health reasons, my husband Kelvin and I were introduced to the science of Nutritional Immunology (NI) and NI products.  After attending a few sessions of NI by Dr. Chen, I started to share with my friends and colleagues in the University. That was how my career started.

When eLEAD was launched in year 2016, I suggested Kelvin to take the opportunity to explore into this online platform.

The starting part was tough for us, as we were not familiar with online marketing and social media, it was like walking in the dark with blind folding, the sense of insecurity and fear were so strong at the beginning.

Things got better after that, we were blessed to have iTEAM to provide guidance and resources, all the procedures and sharing became easy, we were able to sponsor downlines without even having to meet them in person.

We followed closely on the direction given by iTEAM, from the seeds that we planted, some have grown into trees and started bearing fruits.

All the hard work paid off, we are seeing the unlimited potential of eLEAD and iTEAM in terms of its coverage and platform.  Thanks to iTEAM, it makes everything simple and possible! 

Life has not been so fun and fulfilling before, with eLEAD and iTEAM, our life has been rejuvenated.

We feel so blessed that we are able to communicate well, stay in harmony, share the same thoughts, add values to other people’s life and we are able to travel together with eLEAD.

We wish there will be a day that we can travel and explore the world with our team and fill up the bucket list.

I have a dream, a vision and a mission, I hope to provide free education to underprivileged children around the world.

It looks impossible at the moment, but I am willing to take my courage and use my wisdom to work towards this goal!

If you have a dream, or you have yet to find your dream, we would like to invite you to join our iTEAM family,  expand your wings and fly with us!

Shared by:Dr. Janice Lim 

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