Cheers to myself who have stepped out of the comfort zone to make a change

Have you ever wondered what your ideal life looks like? I have always thought that I know what my ideal life looks like, and I thought I am on the right path to achieving my dream life. I have been living what society perceived as “good life”, I am married with a 1.5-year-old daughter, working in a multinational corporation as a digital marketer, earning a decent salary of over 5 digits in ringgit. My job role is perceived as highly paid in the tech industry.

The recent incident had caught me pondering whether the life that I am living now, is my dream life? Recently, my dad got hospitalized and he is diagnosed with third stage kidney cancer. Throughout his admission, I took only a day off from work as I had to work through the weeks for an upcoming event that I had been preparing for prior. I visited him after work and could only spend less than 2 hours with him, I couldn’t spend more time with him.

Also, you must be thinking, since you put in so much effort at work, you must be rewarded really well. Just the recent performance evaluation period had caught me thinking whether the effort that I put in had received fair rewards due to my contribution. I have also received positive feedback and A score from my manager, but my bonus had been affected due to the company’s declining performance. Also in this year, I had not received a salary increment despite the inflation that is happening in our economy. 

Through these incidents, I have realized that being the sandwich generation where I have parents and a child to care for, I cannot afford to have my time tied up all the time at work. They made me re-consider the options, whether I am making fair bucks for the time that I have put into my career. I started to look into career options that will be able to provide me the freedom of time and money.

I am confident that iTEAM entrepreneurship is a business that I would like to invest in and grow because I see the values of iTEAM, this platform gives us access to time freedom and compounding income. I have been consuming NI products for 2 years and have received a decent amount of bonus throughout the years that I can redeem for free products. Now, I see that this entrepreneurship allows me to generate a long-term additional income, it can provide the financial and time freedom that I have been looking for.  

I started earning an income bonus three months after I started my sharing, and all I do is share my favorite nutritional products with my friends and family. Squeezing half an hour of my time after work everyday to run the business, I receive decent rewards every month. This is where I see the compounding effect and potential growth of the income.

When I think back to my old self, I thought that working a high level, highly paid job was my ideal life, but I found out that it was not what I wanted. In the iTeam business, I can realize my ideal life, not being tied to time, and I can organize my time every day, spending time with my family while generating the ideal income.

There is a saying that I need to grow faster than my parents grow old, and having an extra income allows me to reach my ideal life more quickly. I see the potential in becoming a stay-at-home mom, having time freedom and still having positive compounding income, here’s to more successes!

Cheers to myself who have stepped out of the comfort zone to make a change

Yes I can, Yes We can! 

Shared by:Siew Ying

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