Chapped lips and dry skin

Hi everyone, first of all, I would like to thank iTEAM and my upline Jessy for giving me this opportunity to share with you, my personal testimonial.

My name is Mei Mei from iTeam Malaysia and I am a commercial banker.

Since 14 years old, I have been struggling with chapped lips whereby my lips keep flaking every single day. It is very uncomfortable and make me lack of confidence while putting on the lipstick. This is because it will make the lipstick colour looks uneven on my lips.

I have tried many ways for the past 12 years including drinking more water and apply lots of lip moisturizer products such as lip balm, lip oil, lip mask and etc. It does works but only for one day. The next day when I wake up, my lip will peel again.

Subsequently, my chapped lips got worse until it started to bleed especially at the edge. It was very difficult for me to eat because I have a hard time opening my mouth.

I also feel insecure as I was afraid to let people to see my bleeding lips. So I have to wear a mask whenever I go out. Then, I decided to consult a skin specialist and he prescribed me a lip cream. It worked for awhile after applying it but once I had finished the lip cream, the situation would return. So, I have to consult the doctor every 3 to 4 months.


I also experience extra bonus with RosyTime because of Rosytime is very high in phytonutrients and antioxidants. It has made my menstruation more regular and punctual. On top of that it has also brighten up my skin and even my skin tone.

As for Soygreen, since it is very high in phytochemical with more than 10 types of vegetable in a sachet, it is very convenient as I can have a balanced meal especially when I work schedule is really tight and busy. After 2 months consumption, I actually lost 4kg, which is really incredible. I will continue to consume eLEAD product and share the goodness of the products with everyone.

I strongly encourage all of you to try eLead Global products as they have so many benefits to our overall health and vitality

Thank you.

Shared by:Tan Mei Mei

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