Be a TRUE Happy Engineer

My name is Agnes Tan. I graduated with a master degree in computer engineering at Virginia Tech in US and I am a mother of three playful kids.

I have been living in US for about seven years for education and did an internship there too. Currently, I am working at a well known MNC in Malaysia as a senior software engineer and working closely with the US team.

I know of nutritional immunology from a friend about a year ago and it has helped my mother to cure an unknown virus and to get a better sleep at night after her spine surgery.

I was amazed that the Elead products can be bought just by downloading the Elead app, and even though I am half a globe away from my parents, who are in US, they are able to get the products in just a week without any hassle!

Since my husband is having further endeavour in China, I will be going there soon with a risk of quitting the current job, which also means I need to be out of my comfort zone but still have concerns on monetary. Uncertainty creates anxiety, jobless or aimless is not my desired lifestyle. Within Elead group, there’s a team that supports eLEAD’s entrepreneurs called iTeam. In iTeam, I hope to help my family getting rid of the financial stress and the uncertainties because iTeam already has many successful achievers and a proven system that we can duplicate. The second important aspect is that the e-commerce platform allows us to continue the work anywhere regardless of your location. In addition, earnings in USD is also an attractive point for me as USD is currently the most popular and powerful global currency. Thus, no matter where my next destination is, my earnings are still worthy!

Therefore, iTeam is the path that I have been looking for that can help me to be financially free no matter where I stay. With further understanding, I discovered that the achievements are not just limited to financial freedom, but also having time and family balance and freedom! The most important point is gaining a healthy body and to be a TRUE happy engineer! 

Upon learning nutrition immunology, it has helped me grow and rectify my health knowledge. With the correct health information, I also hope to help many others to maintain and gain back their healthiness. Throughout a year of joining iTeam , I realized that I can step out and up from an introvert to become someone who is able to present in the zoom meeting as a sharer and an emcee to an audience of 20-50 people. What a good experience! I am very grateful that I have the chance to try these roles that I wouldn’t be doing in my current job. I hope to continue develop self growing, learn and experience new roles through iTeam, which in turn can contribute and help others to make dreams come true too!

Lastly, I am extremely excited about the English market’s concentrated expansion because then, Elead will truly become infamous in the global market! Of course, it will also enable many Elead entrepreneurs to have better direction and influences in the English market. I have friends and family in the US, Australia and New Zealand too. I do observe that their thinking and opinions on health are very different from Asian. Though I believe through iTeam, we can proliferate the nutritional immunology concept more effectively and further help to build a healthier population, a better world together! 

Shared by:Agnes Tan

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