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Hi, I am Janice Lim from Malaysia. I live an active lifestyle, I enjoy running in the morning, This is a habit that I have been cultivating for more than 20 years.

Back in year 2016, I sprained my left ankle when I was traveling in Hong Kong. From then onwards I was not able to run very smoothly even though my ankle has recovered.

There were times that I would force myself to run despite the uncomfortable feeling, and the consequence was that I had my muscle and ligament torn due to the over straining, and the pain was so intense that I had to stop running.

After that, I switched my running to walking, I was not happy about my condition.

Until one day, my hubby Kelvin told me that Elead has launched a new product called SoyPro, and it was meant for people who wished to build more muscles after they exercise, so I was thinking this would be a good chance to try out since I have trust in the science of Nutritional Immunology.

I started consuming SoyPro, one sachet a day, every morning after my morning exercise session. 

After taking for a month, I started my running routine again, and most importantly I could feel my stamina increased.  Not long after that, I took part in a 10km run, no pain was observed throughout the whole process. It was like a amazing turnover for me. 

As a vegetarian, SoyPro not only fulfills my basic protein need, it also helps me to keep my muscle volume at an optimal level.  Before taking SoyPro, my body fat percentage once hit 29.5%,  and it has been reduced by 20%.

Thanks to SoyPro, I am able to live a healthy and active lifestyle, I like SoyPro, I love the taste, the combination soy and Jilin ginseng is so wonderful, makes me feel energetic and lively everyday.

If you experience any pain when you exercise, or if you have weak muscle, or if you have any injury before, or if you wish to reduce your body fat percentage, you are all welcome to give SoyPro a try, you will be amazed!

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