Auto-immune Disease ~ Hives (Feng Mo)

Soygreen and Rosytime

I am Jane Wong from Malaysia, before MCO I had a seafood dinner with my family at a very famous restaurant. Unexpectedly, I woke up the next morning and found that my hands were red and itchy. I thought it just normal allergy but it getting worse day by day till I can’t sleep at night. After three days, I decided to see the doctor, he said that it was Hives Fēng mó. He just gave me medicine to control the itchiness so that I can sleep well. After three days with no much improvement, I went to see a dermatologist he say it is caused by hormonal imbalances during menopause. The doctor gave me steroids to suppress my hormonal imbalance and advise cut all processed foods which have preservative.

I knew that taking medicine could not cure the root issue of my problem but only suppress the symptoms temporarily. Dr EE has been sharing with us that the ultimate solution for auto immune disease is to have a balanced and healthy immune system. So I choose to consume more nutritional foods like Soygreen and Rosytime which can give me more nutrient like high fiber, high phytochemical and high antioxidant to my cell. Once all my body cell get the more nutrient my immune
system will get stronger and healthier.

I change my breakfast to Soygreen. It contains more than 12 types of vegetables and fruits . It’s rich in dietary fiber aids in softening of stools for easier to flush all the toxins from by body.

Every night before bed I will drink 50 ml Rosytime rich of antioxidants to promote skin cell regeneration and regulate my hormonal imbalance.

After took the nutrition product for 3 months I feel not only have better skin and my overall body feel lighter and fresh from inner. Until I didn’t release when I had recovered from Hives.

Shared by:Jane Wong

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