Aspire to be a person with financial freedom and the privilege to help others

Hi, I am Wai Ping, a single mother of two from New York.   I have been working at salon for 20 years. I started working as soon as I finished my secondary school.

I worked very hard and even for up to 12 hours per day in order to give my children and my family a good living and also hope to have a decent life after my retirement.


However, things did not happen as expected when I was diagnosed with critical illness some years back.  Due to my illness, I started to know about Nutritional Immunology and taking products to aid my recovery during the course of treatment. 

When I was sicked, I could not work and I started to think and to worry about my income and my family if I have to stop working.  I am grateful to my sponsor, Dr. Janice for introducing to me this great iTeam’s business opportunity at the time when I needed guidance and direction to move forward.

I started to do sharing with friends and relatives and helping them with their health problems.  By sharing my knowledge on health, I am able to consume products cheaper and even for free.

This year, I decided to embark on a new challenge, enhancing my life and doing something different which I have never done before.  I have zero knowledge in e-commerce but with the platform and training provided by iTeam, I believe I can also succeed in this business.  I like the concept of 3 years for 30 years as advocates by iTeam. I truly believe with 3 years of hard work in iTeam, i would be able to achieve what I may not even achieve in 30 years if I continue to remain in my original path.

I am looking forward to succeed and achieve my dreams by helping more people to gain health and to get what they want in life.  If you are feeling insure about your future, do join us in iTeam. Together we help each other to enhance our quality of life and achieve our dreams.

Yes I Can, Yes We Can.

Shared by:Wai Ping, Mak

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