Anything is possible if you have the nerve

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself here.

Life has been good until my father passed away when I was 24 years old and since then I’ve had this sense of crisis awareness. During employment I would look for another part time just to earn more or I could just have another income source if my boss fired me. 

I always dreamed of myself living a high life when I reached middle age but it didn’t come through as what I was expecting. Because I needed to take care of my kids, I quit my 12 years job as a Purchasing Manager and became a full time mom. It wasn’t easy as my income has come to a full stop. I even lost most of my savings after investing into a home business selling local brand cosmetics and skincare. Till today I am still looking for chances to succeed in the MLM business.

People would ask why won’t I just look for a job, I can’t because I need to “standby” at home.

How I discovered the eLEAD business opportunity?

In September 2021, a sudden pain in the stomach revealed that there was a 7cm pus growing next to my ovary and I needed to remove it together with one side of the ovary immediately. Ever since, I had a hard time slimming down and faced menopause at the age of 43. I need to be careful when choosing the right diet product as some might do further damage to my body.

Until one day, I realized that my sister in law, who also happened to be my recruiter, has slimmed down without looking “dry” and still has the glow on her face. I decided to give it a try –  Package B in the Meal Exchange Program. The result was tremendous as I’ve lost 3.5 kg and not looking like a fat woman in crisis anymore. The most important thing is I don’t need to starve to reduce weight.

Therefore I’ve decided to give myself another chance to venture into this business as I’ve found out many women out there facing the same problem I did and I wanted to help them.


Shared by:Jowie Giam

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