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Hello everyone, I’m Sajuna! I am a software engineer.

I always take good care of myself so that I can be healthy all the time. During MCO, I started working from home. You might think that working from home is great as it reduces the risk of COVID-19. However, working from home was stressful for me. I need to prepare meals, take care of my three-year-old daughter, do housework, and attend online classes after work.

I have encountered some problems with my endocrine system where I experienced hormone imbalance. I had a lot of pimples growing on my chin area. Those pimples were all red, swollen, and pus-filled which would grow at any given time. ☹ Sometimes when I see my husband’s frightened expression, I know there must be another acne breakout. I felt so scared seeing my skin like this. I don’t like people staring at my face and asking me what had happened to my face.

So, I went to the beauty salon for facial treatment. The beautician said that my face was inflammed and introduced a lot of products for me to use. My face seemed to have improved, but after a week or two, the acne would return. Then, I needed to revisit the beauty salon again. The most painful experience was during the pimple popping session at the salon!

Later I reached out to my upline Dr. Janice. She recommended Rosytime to me. After reading so many testimonials regarding Rosytime on the Internet on how it helps with different skin conditions, I started to use the product confidently.

After consuming the first box of Rosytime, I felt that the oil secreted on my face has reduced. My acne has gradually improved, and when there’s acne, I can no longer see the pus. Although there might be a tiny pimple that grow before or after the menstrual period, it usually subsides the next day. I noticed the acne marks have faded too. I continue to drink Rosytime until today. My acne problem doesn’t bother me anymore and I also noticed that my skin has become fairer and smoother. I am so grateful that I came across such a great product.

I highly recommend any friends who are struggling with acne like me to take this product. Let us be happy and beautiful all the time!

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