About eLead Global

eLead Global is a multinational health food company founded on a simple yet powerful idea of “we are the driving forces that will shape the future”.

Through the teamwork of a diverse and enthusiastic founding team, eLead became a source of motivation, inspiring people to explore their maximum potential. We regard eLead’s products and business as a channel and platform that inspires and empowers all people who come across them.

eLead Global applies a complete, natural and holistic approach to health and nutrition. Our catalogue of natural health food products serves a wide spectrum of nutritional needs; each ingredient carefully selected and blended to revitalize and sustain long-term health and well-being.

Each batch of raw materials has to undergo stringent safety tests to ensure that consumers receive the top quality products. We put our products through hundreds of tests such as pesticides, heavy metals etc. to maintain the purity and integrity of our products.

eLead’s business is conducted on the same core principles and standards of its products. A flexible and fair bonus structure enables distributors to stay ahead in their career development. Every distributor works in a team and receives support from the eLead team worldwide to tackle the global market. You can work with anyone, without geographical limitations. In eLead Global, opportunities are not limited by conventional boundaries.

Over here, you can be healthier, you get to make more informed decisions and you can live a splendid life. Let eLead Global be your source of motivation.