A cup of soygreen a day, say bye bye to fatty belly

Hi everyone, I am Bteng from Malaysia Kedah.

I work in Financial Industry for more than 10 years since I graduated. I always work over time and even back home in midnight in order to clear the work load after training or event. The stressful working environment caused me unable to sleep well and even my face pop up a lot of pimples. As I’m frontliner, the pimples made me feel embarrassing and I’m not confident when I met client.

On earlier of 2020, my body started give me signals and almost every week I need to see doctor because of sickness, cough and flu.

I think I should look seriously on my health condition and I know I need to do somethings for my health.

Bye Pimple & Redness Face


During the year of 2018, I started used a lot of facial products in order to cover the pimples and scar. End of the year on 2019, it seems become better as less pimples but I noticed that my face become sensitive skin and redness once I stop the particular product. It makes me feel more worries on my face condition as my job need deal with a lot of people every day.

I aware I can’t 100% rely on the facial product and I need to rebuild my inner body health in order to get a better health as well as cure my face skin problem. Thus, I trying to search somethings easier to consume and not in medical pill type. 

Out of sudden I saw a post a social media regarding the Rosytime which can help on sensitive skin, redness, inflammation and pimples. Not only that, it also can help to boost on immune system as I always sick on that time. After doing survey, I decided to give Rosytime a chance as I know this product is safe to consume since the ingredient is mainly fruit.   

I started consume Rosytime on end of Feb’20. After a month, my cough and flu getting better and finally I no need to see doctor every two weeks. On Apr’20, I can see the result especially on my face. Not only less pimples scar and the redness also become better. I really surprise the product effect and I can’t believe it solve my 3 years pimples problem.

A cup of  SoyGreen a day, Say bye bye to fatty belly


I strongly agreed our immune system is the best doctor that helps prevent diseases. Further understanding the Nutritional Immunology, I aware we not only need work life balance and we need taking enough balanced nutrition in order to have a better health life. As mentioned earlier, due to job constraint, I always overtime and not eating on time and sometimes even only a meal a day. Most of the time when I out from office, already Supper times.  I been facing few times that during morning I didn’t eat breakfast and almost faint.

Furthermore, long working hours and always sit at the chair it caused me have fatty belly as well. Beside this, as a marketing person, I always eat outside and seldom eat vegetable.


I started Soy Green as my Breakfast and replacement meal when I busy. At first, I only consume Soygreen before go to work and before dinner and everything eat as usual. Surprisingly I can see my weight slowly go down without doing any exercise.

After this, I also join the 7 days Diet Exchange and I realize my weight didn’t bounce back even after CNY party but still continues loss weight.  I aware that my fatty belly also become smaller and my digestion become better as well.


Finally, I can SLEEP tight!


I’m a person who very light sleep and always insomnia especially when I’m stress. The sleepless night makes me feel tired and always not in good condition on next day. Due to of no enough sleep, I always need a cup of coffee before I start working.  

To sleep better, I’m trying drink a small cup of red wine before sleep, but I still will automatically awake at midnight and I can’t sleep after this.  After consume few months, my body cannot take it and my hand become sensitive and redness.  Not only that, I not a good drinker. But due to job needed, I always blushing after drinking and somethings the skin will feel itchy

Not only this, I also try using essential oil therapy and I also face the same problem which I still will automatically awake few times at night.  

After consume the Rosytime, I started study on the eLEAD 10 products. I aware Raisintree can help to improve the sleeping quality as well as reduce the headache from hangover & bloodshot.

So, I stated consume the Raisintree and I aware it really improves my sleeping quality. Now, I seldom awake at midnight and I can sleep tight until morning.

I always standby RaisinTree in my bag and drink before I have an appointment when needed. Not only this, I always mixed with Berrybeat when have party.  

Shared by:Bee Teng

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