7 Days Diet Exchange, improves Eczema, Then Get Pregnant Naturally

I was hesitant when I saw my friends doing the diet exchange, because I saw a very good result of losing weight! BUT at the same time I was thinking, if I join, then after 7 days, I return to take my daily food like usual, mostly will be gaining back weight. Then the food to be cooked during diet exchange seems not that easy to prepare especially I am not good in cooking.

However, in Dec 2020, it was my marriage month, yet I was having eczema, my hands, my legs, my body all got involved! Doctor had given the medicine, shower cream, hand cream, and the doctor told me, this problem will take at least half a year to more than a year to recover. At the same time, he also told me that I must change my living habits. I should eat more vegetables and fruits in my diet, don’t take seafood, eggs, and eat lesser meat. Do a body detox for 1 week, and follow by detox for 1 day a week, suddenly 7 days diet exchange appear in my mind, it is very alike to the diet I should have!


To be the prettiest bride and yet to find a solution for my eczema, I need to strengthen my immunity, and reduce as much as I can on my sensitive skin, the uncomfortable skin. I asked my sister Joey, who is also my superior to discuss on how I can proceed with the 7 Days Diet Exchange.

We have plan and match with variety of nutritional immunology(NI) foods, with three major nutrients in nutritional immunology including emunity, rhapsody, and rosytime, then also soygreen soypro fibertalk raisintree berrybeat chamoment. I have a timetable which NI food to take at which session, and at the same time to have some boiled vegetables or fruits, the whole process not going to have the chances of feeling hungry.

Although the eczema causing me having a terrible skin, the most, most, most, most, most x10 troubles me is itching! The itchy session came especially when it was bedtime, very itchy and made me keep scratching. I keep scrolling phone until very tired, to fall asleep. BUT! At 4 or 5 in the midnight, the hand was itchy and I scratched until wake up. This was the same in the first few days of the 7 days diet exchange, it began to improve slowly in the last few days. After the diet exchange, NO MORE itching that causing me hard to fall asleep, or wake up in the midnight due to itching.

I love the 7 Days Diet Exchange so much as I can sleep well! Otherwise, ever since started eczema, I felt like a zombie every night, I didn’t get enough sleep every day. I have more confidence on the 7 Days Diet Exchange, I am feeling grateful that this diet exchange has allowed me to marry beautifully.

I continued to participate in 7 days diet exchanges for few times, I saw that my body fat had reduced, and belly became smaller! Then only I noticed stomach doesn’t go flat, but it starts to sink in from the side haha

After a few times of diet exchange, there are actually a lot of toxins in my body, especially my stinky farts. Not only my husband, I couldn’t stand for the smell too. After several times of 7 days diet exchange and body cleaning, I have to say byebye to my fit belly. I have a good news in the second month after getting married, I am pregnant! 

I am super fans of NI foods and have been taking these NI foods for few years. Soygreen is daily breakfast of husband and I, and Rosytime is the secret of me staying young. (Soygreen as breakfast – Fast and convenient, full of nutrition)

Yes, the 7 days diet exchange allows the body to detox, then could absorb nutrients better. It is very suitable for friends who are preparing for pregnancy.

Diet exchange and not fasting, prepare enough vegetables and fruits, and match with NI foods, not to worry about insufficient nutrition, and it tastes nice. The safety of NI food, including the plants in each product, retaining the most original nutrition, and is a must to have more than 2,000 types of safety tests. I have no worry at all to have NI foods for my family members.

If you are considering whether to take NI food for a long period to nourish your body, come and join us with a 7 days diet exchange, experience your body change in 7 days, detox, and together with good Sleep, good Emotion, Exercise, balance Diet of course the best!

A healthy body allows us to easily conceive, enjoy pregnancy, and be a beautiful pregnant mommy.

Shared by:Teck Yun

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