7-day diet exchange program

Hi, I am Kelvin Yii from Malaysia.

I was overweight during my younger days. I used to weigh up to 90kg and my BMI (>29) was over the limit.

During my late twenties, I was diagnosed to be hypertensive and took medication under doctor’s prescriptions to control my blood pressure. The doctors also advised me to lose weight and to change my lifestyle to improve my health in order not to be dependent on medication in long term.

Eager to improve my health, I tried a lot of weight loss methods, taking fat-burner pills, slimming tea, extreme diet control and high-frequency exercise hoping to lose weight.  Those methods did help me to lose weight. At one time, I lost 23kg (from 90kg-67kg) achieving my “ideal weight” in a short period of about 3 months.

Though I managed to slim down but I found that my health condition did not improve.  Both my mental and health conditions were not good. I was prone to illness, hair loss, and insomnia. My body weight also bounced back easily whenever I stop my weight loss routine and programs.  My body weight fluctuated and I couldn’t maintain my ideal weight.

Luckily, a friend introduced me to nutritional immunology. I realised that I lacked proper nutrition and took products to nourish my whole body especially my immune system.

The products worked very well on me. I was able to control and maintain my weight and the products also helped me with lowering down my cholesterol and getting rid of fatty liver.  

When iTEAM launched the 7-day diet exchange program, I couldn’t wait to participate.

For someone like me who gains weight easily and need to monitor closely my body health index, the 7-day diet exchange is a perfect plan for me.

It only takes 7 days to cleanse our body by adjusting to our diet, exercising and using eLEAD’s nutritional immunology products.

In October 2020, I successfully lost 3.3kg in my first 7-day diet exchange program. During this period, I used SOYGREEN or SOYPRO with FIBERTALK for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The products are very nutritious and makes me feel full, and I don’t need to eat a lot like what I normally do during my mealtime. At night, I use BERRYBEAT or RAISINTREE with E-MUNITY to help the body cleanse and detoxify.

The 7-day diet exchange also helped to reduce my body fat. During the 7 days, I had smooth bowel movement every morning, my waistline reduced, my body was lighter, and I feel very good and energetic.

It is my daily routine to consume eLEAD’s products and I practice 7-day diet exchange program regularly to help cleanse and overhaul my body.  By using the products, I improved my health and also allowed me to maintain a healthy weight.

I strongly encourage and urge everyone to use the products and to experience the amazing 7-day diet exchange program.  Let’s experience the miracle together in just 7 days!

Shared by:Kelvin Yii

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