What are those challenges that you have to breakthrough?

The constant eternity of the world is endless changes in this ever-changing era, and the young people nowadays are facing greater challenges as compared to last time. Most of the young people are facing social accusations such as no independent economic capacity, lack of experience, does not have the ability to complete tasks, no planning for the future and much more. Someone says, having the perfect job is like a perfect trip. As for the newbie in work life, challenges are mainly from these following aspects:
# Low pay, education qualification is not the highlight to the best candidate

Most of the employees are afraid of the low pay or lack of protection job. This is also one of the reasons why college students are fear of the social workplace even they are still studying. While the fact in today’s society is that highly educated graduates are getting a higher salary. Even if you graduate and step into the working life, you can’t guarantee the starting salary will be great. In the past, most probably you can get a job if you have a degree certificate; nowadays, there are people saying that academic performance is not a matter anymore.
#Conflict of value crisis

For example, the core values of traditional values are collectivist values, while the society is an individual-centric value orientation. However, young people nowadays are more emphasis on the realization of their personal interest and additional external enjoyment. In the complicated environment where the pluralistic values coexist and conflict with each other, it is difficult for young people to choose and agree with a certain social value system based on their own experience and it may cause psychological pressure to them.
# Survival model for the suitable candidate

In the past, young people don’t have to change their survival model, they just have to follow the existing thinking and behavior without having to change. Now, it is more emphasis on the importance of the individual. For example, if you can think differently and have a greater mindset, you are more likely to be successful.
# Higher risk of unemployment

Do you know that the employment rate of young people is the twice of overall unemployment rate? The unemployment rate is much higher than other ages. For example, the unemployment rate of Taiwan young people is more than 13%, which is relatively high. Unemployment is no longer a moment of experience, it may be a long life experience. Therefore, young people must hold the opportunity and know the cruel truth between the principles of compliance.
# Full of debt even before start working

As a student, even if you cant get a good result your parents will force you to finish your college life and get a certificate. However, with the high tuition fees nowadays, most of the students are applying loans to pay the fees, thus they need to think of how to pay the loans even you are still studying. Apart from tuition fees, some students might have to pay for the car loan and house renting fees etc. These loans and debts are the sources of stress when college students start their working life.

Although some young people do not have the opportunity to choose, you are the leader of your life, the rules are set by you! As long as you are willing to make the first step and seize the opportunity, this might be your chance to change your life. If you want to earn your first pot of gold, join iTeam World.

You must remember that no one can give you promise except yourself! Be part of iTeam World, accept the challenges and make your dreams come true!

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