How to activiate and use our i5 System? Firstly, you need to complete the 3 simple steps at below in order for you to activate & upgrade your membership, and fully access to our i5 system.

Create an eLead Account

1. Login to eLEAD Global to create an eLead account, or register via App at below. (Don’t have a sponsor’s Name & ID? Click here to get one)

eLEAD Website:

eLEAD Mobile App Download:


Verify Your eLead Account

2. Login to your eLEAD app. Tap on Profile. Select Personal Information & tap on Request to Update Particulars to submit your request. The administrator needs to verify your information before approving the request. After submitting your application, you may check your application status or cancel your application on the Request to Update Particulars page. Once approved, you will see your updated information.

Copy the link at below and open link in new tab to see more:


Upgrade iTeam Membership

3. Login to iTeam website at to upgrade your iTeam World account, by simply fill in your eLead ID number.
(Go to iProfile, click Request to upgrade Membership)


 i5 System Directory

Once you have upgraded your iTeam membership, the next steps is to access to our i5 online & offline recruiting system that we have developed to ignite your business.

iOnline System

CPR & Content Marketing (ie. Copy, Paste & Reply)
Our CPR has an auto generator system to create your own personal URL link. In the next step, pick one of our content templates, or you’re allowed to copy and edit your own message to post on your social media platform or blast out to your database together with your individual CPR link.

iOffline System

iOffline System is an online & offline system designed for you to do 1-to-1 or group recruitments.
It is a multi-component system tool developed to facilitate the processes involved in business plan (iOPP), recruitment videos, and product master list to make your recruitment easier & more productive. 

iTraining System

Our iTraining department has developed several online training modules for member who is involved in recruiting. These modules are designed using up-to-date research in professional development, and resources for implementation.
It gives you full flexibility to learn at anyway or anytime at your convenience. You can also learn the latest digital trends or technology from our digital workshops. 

iCase Studies

Our case study is based on the true event of every successful member share their stories.
Every successful leader started somewhere and the truth is, when it comes to success, there is no shortcut. Learn and discover how successful people work and achieve the result they want.