eLead Products FAQ

  • Balanced Nutrients is always difficult to achieve from our daily Diet. This can be also translated into ‘Eat Full ≠ Eat Good” while ‘Eat Good ≠ Eat Nutritious’. Furthermore, Pesticides and Preservatives are commonly used to preserve the Fruits and Vegetables while making sure they always look good. Most of the Nutrients are lost as well if they were not cleaned and cooked the correct way. Hence, modern people like us should learn about Nutrients while adapting to the changes of Lifestyle and Environment.

  • (1) Elead products’ R&D and Manufacturing are built on the basis of Nutritional Immunology.

    (2) Research and Development (R&D) are conducted from different areas of expertise (Nutritionist, Herbal Experts, Immunologist) making each product and formula unique.

    (3) Elead Product supplier (E.Excel) ensure the product ingredients are produced on a Pollution-Free land on its own Farm and Land.

    (4) The Manufacturing Plant were designed by Experts according to each Products’ requirement to ensure the Nutrients of the Ingredients are well preserved during production.

    (5) Each Elead products fulfill the Regulations and Requirement of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and pass at least 2000 different types of Safety Test.

  • The prices are less Consumer friendly because the value lies at the development of Knowledge. Every Elead product is produced on the basis of Nutritional Immunology, finest Ingredients and the best Freeze Dried Ratio. Furthermore, R&D and Patent contributed largely to the cost. However, every consumer who had tried the product feel that it is more than what it worths and you would feel the same as well. Health is priceless. We can never earn the Health back once we loss it.

  • We could further explain based on these 3 points :

    (1) Elead Products are Wholesome Food and not for Medical purpose. The company is specially emphasizing on the Health Education and good after-sales service.

    (2) Elead Products are marketed via online to reduce costing spent on Marketing and Advertisement while avoiding the Middle Man role as well. These resulted in lower cost making the prices more affordable.

    (3) Elead Products would be shared and marketed with the concept of ‘Idea Worth Sharing’ using the Internet Automation System, where we could share easily with our family, friends and even Strange, helping Elead Product to spread into every family while spreading Nutritional Immunology. 

  • Elead Products are not Medicine. They are Wholesome Food to provide Nutrients needed everyday by us while strengthening our Immune System and to protect us from Bacteria, Virus and the Pollution. A gentle reminder that Elead Product would nurse back to health in a progressive way. Hence, it is advisable for first time consumer to use at least 3 months and above and large consumption would result in greater improvement.

  • Elead Products are Natural, Purified, Wholesome Food and contain no Drug. Drugs and Medicines are found to relieve and suppress the symptoms without curing. Elead Product emphasize on Natural Recovery by its own with Cleansing, Cell Regeneration, Repair and to resume all the Immune Functions with the help of Nutrients.

  • If you are dealing with any Health Issue, Rhapsody would be a very Good product to start with to build and strengthen the foundation of our Immune System. In addition, topping up with more Wholesome Nutrients together with other Product would definitely result in greater Help and Improvement. This is because Research and Elead Products are started from Nutritional Immunology to strengthen our Immune System. When we have a Strong functioning Immune System, it would definitely protect us from all the illnesses. It is advisable to consult a Doctor if you are ill and together with Living a Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Diet, Good Habits, those are the key to True Health.

  • For Immune System, the stronger it is, the better we are. However, Immune System could go out of control and cause certain disease, for example, Arthritis. Most people would assume something had gone wrong with their joints but it could be caused by haywire Immune System. Our Immune System could have produced a single   Antibody that is overreactive and causes Arthritis. Wholesome Nutrients from Elead products could help us to balance up and resume the Immune System function, empowering us to be stronger. The products are designed to balance every system rather than curing illnesses and diseases.

  • Yes, you can. This is because Elead products are made from Natural Herbal plants, just like our daily Fruits and Vegetables in our meal and not medicine. Nutritional Immunology is a Prevention Science, it encourages and emphasizes on consuming Multiple types of Balanced and Purified Nutrients to nourish our Immune System. We could protect ourselves from 99% of Illnesses when our Immune System is strong and fully functional.

  • Yes, you can. However, we would recommend to have Elead products in empty stomach to experience a greater effect. This would enable our body to fully absorb the Nutrients in a shorter time. Mixing with other food or Medicine would slow down the Nutrients absorption by our body.

  • Herbal plants could be categorized into 3 different types, namely edible food, medication or drugs. Elead Products are taken as food to nourish our body while TCM contains drugs while possesses Side Effect for long term of consumption. Elead Products are totally different from the TCM Herbal Plants as they are formulated from Herbal Plants that beneficial to our Health.

  • Most of us think Obesity is directly proportional to our food consumption. However, research found out that there is not direct relationship between Obesity and Food Consumption but closely related to Gene Hereditary, Society, Nutrients and Psychological Factors. The essential factor to maintain the normal Weight and Fat Contents is to consume Balanced Nutrients. Obesity are mostly contributed by unhealthy daily diet or imbalanced intake of Nutrients. When Metabolism and Digestive Disorder happen, Macrophage Cells could not excrete excessive Fats and Cholesterols  from the Blood and Body, we would gain weight and become obese. If we have a healthy Immune System, Macrophage Cells would carry out its cleansing and excretion duty, our body would not accumulate extra fats.

  • According to the research, the main reason for Weight Gain after strict diet control is slowing down of Metabolism. When the Calories we consume is too little, our Metabolism Rate is slowed down. However, this slowed down Metabolism Rate would not increase as we eat more afterwards. In other words, the fat/calories burning speed has been slowed down. Hence, it is easier to catch a Weight Gain than before. Restricting ourselves in calories consumption is not  a good way to loss weight in long term. Our Health and overall balance are the main factor and right way for us to maintain the body weight.