Enjoy the fragrant aroma of ChaMoment, containing green tea, jasmine, and ashitaba.



Q: What is the recommended water temperature when making ChaMoment?

A: Use warm water for brewing. ChaMoment will gradually become more intense with the passage of time after initial brewing.

Q: May I reuse ChaMoment after the first brew?

A: Of course, but with each subsequent brews, the antioxidants and nutrients in ChaMoment will gradually deplete.

Q: May I brew a large pot of ChaMoment in one go and consume gradually after?

A: Once ChaMoment is brewed, the antioxidants within will gradually decrease as time goes by, so it advised that you consume as soon as possible after brewing.

Q: Can people with diabetes drink ChaMoment?

A: There is no added sugar in ChaMoment, hence even those with low sugar diet requirement can drink it safely. However, in view of the individual requirements of diabetic patients, we would advise that they should consult with their physician or doctors beforehand.

Q: The ChaMoment purchased last was very aromatic. Why is it that the aroma is almost indiscernible? Has the formula changed?

A: The recipe has not changed and the nutrient content is still uniform. But due to the inherent differences in harvest, the aroma of the flowers and leaves may be different, as such the aroma concentration is bound to differ slightly. Please note that once the packaging is opened, the scent will gradually disperse also with time.

Q: What is the difference between ChaMoment and Oolong Tea? Can I replace ChaMoment with other teas?

A: Oolong tea, jasmine tea, black tea, and green tea are all made from tea leaves and tea leaves often contain a lot of caffeine. Statistically speaking, the content of caffeine in tea leaves is as high as 3.5%, while the caffeine content that of coffee beans stands at only 2.2%. Ingestion of large amounts of caffeine may cause a variety of diseases and disorders such as heart disease, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, bladder cancer, upset stomach, behavioral disturbances, insomnia, and even decreased mobility. In contrast, ChaMoment contains only trace amounts of caffeine but is rich in nutrients that are good for health instead, making it the choice drink of utmost convenience.

Q: It seems like ChaMoment's signature triangle sachets has been substituted with a new material. Is it toxic if steeped in water for too long?

A: ChaMoment specifically chooses a brand-new, non-toxic side-effect PET material for packaging. The material is imported from Japan, with it translucent appearance and triangular shape, which we hope would be a more pleasant experience for you. In addition, this PET material is most safe and reliable. It can not only be used for packaging and preservation of beverages, but is also durable in heat and cold, it can be brewed repeatedly without posing any toxicity risk. A testament of the safety and reliability of this PET material can be found in that this technology has been widely used in food packaging for the past 20 years, and its safe use is further certified & verified by the FDA.

Q: How did you attach the string onto the triangular sachets of ChaMoment? Is it done with glue? Could it be toxic?

A: It is done so by laser irradiation onto the PET material, which render it adhesive under high temperature. There are no glue or any other chemicals used in this process and the end result is completely safe with no toxicity or any side effects attached.

Q: Why is there some residual leakage upon the opening of ChaMoment?

A: ChaMoment's new triangular sachet with its translucent, mesh-like properties is susceptible to some leakage especially when the residue or tea dust is very fine. However, rest assured that ChaMoment is produced under the strictest quality control to ensure each sachet contains beyond the content stated on the label which render any minor leakage negligible.

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